Cabled Ski Bonnet and Ribbed Cowl 1

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Back in November my Sister Kelly and her partner Aaron made the big move to Canada. Seeing as they wouldn’t be home for Christmas I wanted to knit them something and post it to them, in predictable fashion though I didn’t finish on time (Well I never even started them until January). But now that I’ve finished (only a month late…) and the gifts have been made it to Canada I can share them with everyone.

Choosing something for my sister was easy, a cabled ski bonnet. I came across the pattern a while ago and saved it without really knowing who to make it for, but after my sister made the big move to Canada I realised it would be perfect for her. We’ve both lived in Australia our whole lives and this would be her first white Christmas so I thought I’d make her something to keep her warm whilst looking very cute at the same time.

Finding something for her partner was a little trickier. At first I wanted to make a beanie for him, but I couldn’t find any patterns I liked. Then I just happened to stumble across a cowl pattern on Purl Soho which I loved and thought would suit him perfectly.

Both items were knitted on circular needles which I had never used before so I began with the cowl as it’s easier. It’s a simple k2p2 rib pattern that a knitter of any skill level could take on.


For the cowl I used 3 balls Wool of the Andes Tweed Yarn in Flagston Heather from Knit Picks where I also purchased my circular needles. I’m not usually one to spend much on needles or crochet hooks, but these were well worth it, I loved knitting with them.


The cowl in progress


The finished cowl

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Aaron modeling the cowl


The cowl modeled by yours truly

The pattern for the cabled ski bonnet, which I am particularly proud of completing, can be found for free on Ravelry (Free registration required) and would be suited to a more confident knitter. This was only my second project working with circular needles and I had never knitted using a chart pattern before so I was slightly nervous but I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Again I used 3 balls of  Wool of the Andes Tweed Yarn from Knit Picks, this time in Rabbit Heather.

The bonnet is made in five parts the band, the body, the garter edge, the twists and the pom pom.


The band

I found the pattern for the band very easy to follow and it ends up being double thickness for extra warmth over the ears which was a really nice touch.


The body


The body, which looks a little funny without the garter band, really frustrated me for a while. It was late at night when I was working on it and my stitch count  wasn’t adding up, I really wanted to just throw it in the too hard basket and go to bed. After rereading the instructions, recounting my stitches, reading the instructions again and getting more and more frustrated I realised I was reading the wrong part of the instructions! Then when I did work out my stitches I realised I had picked up my stitches on the wrong side of the band and my wraps were now on the wrong side!

It was at that point I put the needles down and went to bed. Very important lesson learned though, don’t push yourself to keep working into the night if you’re tired,  you’ll just end up frustrated and make mistakes. The next day when I came back to the bonnet I finished the body in one sitting.

The garter band, the twists and the pom pom were incredibly easy following my frustrations with the body and finish the bonnet off perfectly.

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My lovely sister Kelly modeling the bonnet

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If you have any questions on the patterns or the wool I used feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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