2016 – The year of unfinished projects

A new year and a new years resolution: Finish all my unfinished craft projects.

Due to the fact that I have such varied interests when it comes to craft and a love to try new things, I often see a new project and just have to start it. The downside to this is I’ll start a new project without finishing my last, this had led to an insane number of unfinished projects building up in my craft room over the years. At last count it was just under 50! and some have been left unfinished for more years than I’m willing to admit.

I often tell myself that I will not buy anymore craft supplies until I have completed all of my unfinished projects, but it never sticks. In fact I just ordered some new wool for a couple of knitting projects last week. Hopefully sharing my new years resolution with everyone will keep me accountable.

The first items on the list to be finished are a couple of gifts that never got done in time for Christmas, a crochet tablecloth for my Mum and a cross-stitch stocking for my Nephew, as well as a woven plaid afghan that I’m crocheting for a resident at the aged care facility where my Mum works.

My unfinished projects vary in size from small embroidery pieces to a single bed sized hand appliqued quilt but the aim is to get everything done this year.

Wish me luck!

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